Training Trainers

PUWER 1998 Health & Safety onsite wood machining courses are designed to bring the experienced trainer up to date with the latest ‘Provision and use of work equipment regulations 1998 as applied to woodworking machinery.’ All courses are tailor-made to the company’s requirements. This course would be suitable for factory trainers, teachers,  and occupational therapy instructors.

     The course consists of six elements.

1/ Candidate introduction to the course.

2/ Each candidate delivers a course while the other trainers observe and take notes.

3/ Debate each course.

4/ Design a new exam.

5/ Discussion of the new exam.

6/ Devising a new assessment checklist.

   On completion of the course the trainer will receive a full set of training manuals and documents and a certificate of competence.

1/ The course starts with an informal discussion which includes evaluating the candidates capabilities, procedure to be adopted if the assessment shows that the trainee has not achieved a satisfactory level of competence, e.g. : specify further training, different training, or review the trainees suitability to use woodworking machinery.

2/ Each candidate delivers a course using the course notes provided while the other trainers observe and make notes. This part of the course is filmed, and on playback the group can assess interaction and body language of the trainer with the student. The course consists of two main elements; the first one covers the PUWER 1998 regulations. The trainee is then provided with a note pad to take notes on completion of this section. The trainee completes a written exam to show he fully understands the law regarding PUWER. The second part covers the practical side of machining timber , which includes understanding the controls, safe use of the machine, the correct use of guards and fences, and the correct choice of the most suitable machine to use.

3/ When all the trainers have completed this section the training methods of each trainer will be discussed whilst watching the film to include , content, interaction and body language, and the dangers arising in connection with the machine, precautions to be observed, the requirements the law regarding PUWER and methods of using guards, jigs and push sticks. Special attention must be taken when training young people, because of their immaturity they do not like asking questions.

4/ All candidates will design a new exam using the PUWER worksheet’s provided. The success of this exercise will be tested by using students.

5/ The different styles and merits of each trainers course will be discussed by comparing their different training methods  and checking that their exams sheet covers all the elements.

6/ The object of this exercise is to design and implement a checklist for the trainees suitability to use woodworking machinery, this should not be left to the individual trainers discretion. Things that should be considered are physical disabilities, drugs that impair concentration and cause drowsiness, plus medical conditions which could cause the trainee to pass out. This part of the course is a group exercise.

The course objectives are a full understanding and merits of PUWER, and best practice, and the ability to adapt the training notes provided to suit their own particular needs, plus the ability to assess the needs of the trainee, and assess the trainees suitability to use woodworking machinery

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